Thursday, January 22, 2009

You snooze, you lose

After looking at five potential wedding venues in the last two weeks, AF and I decided that the Chicago History Museum would be the right place for our ceremony/reception. Unfortunately, we found out today that it's completely booked through the end of the year (except for a few random winter weekends here and there). When I first inquired, there were a couple of June 2009 Saturdays available, and they were still open when we toured the space. What we didn't know about was the importance of the "hold"- vitally important when trying to schedule a summer wedding in Chicago. Totally a rookie mistake, I know!

Lesson Learned:
If you see a venue you like in Chicago and it's available for the date you want, put a hold on it. Some places (like Cafe Brauer) will let you hold for a week. Others, like the Chicago History Museum, will let you hold onto it, but if another couple wants your date, they can go to contract on it. You'll get first right of refusal, but then have to make your decision maybe more quickly than you would like.

I'm disappointed. I had already started imagining how we would set the rooms up, and I think too that because I know I can't have it, I artificially want it even more. Oh well. Tomorrow AF and I are going back to our other top choices to see if our dates are available (knock on wood!), and hopefully I will be able to post some better news.

Chicago History Museum: I will not be getting married here


  1. That stinks! We probably would have eloped if we lost A New Leaf! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the other places.

    I like your new header.

  2. Keep your chin up...while a little gloomy at the moment there's something better out there for you and your HTB's special day!!


  3. Bummer! But you will find the right place and the perfect date :)

  4. We were planning to have our wedding in chicago but it ended up being too expensive but if it was here we were going to have it at Salvage One, it's a little bit like architectural artifacts but the staff is nicer. might be worth checking out as it's not quite as well known.

  5. That's tood bad! Just be aware that putting a "hold" on the venue isn't full proof. My fiance and I did that with our first choice a few months ago and they booked it out from under us anyway, without letting us know. But, it was all for the best as the venue we ended up booking will be a lot nicer!

  6. Hi - i just posted a comment on Everyday Brides blog about my reception site: I chose Chateau Del Mar in Hickory Hills for a reception . Its 10 minutes outside of Chicago, so it's a bit cheaper and its located on a golf course so lovely pics for you & hubby. It offers you open bar all nite, (incld. in the package) and no cake cutting fees! Hope you can book it for your day ( we were lucky to get a Sunday 6 months prior) - I think it was great!