Thursday, February 12, 2009

No-Chip Manicure

After reading about CiCi Nails No-Chip Manicure in Daily Candy earlier this week, I had to try it. I'm generally tough on my manicures, and am amazed if I can manage to leave the salon without smudging, let alone go for five days without a chip. This No-Chip Manicure promises to leave your polish intact for up to three weeks. That would mean I could get through my wedding, honeymoon and maybe even a week back at work with polished nails! Crazy!

Until then, now's a great time to try it for yourself because if you mention Daily Candy between now and March 9 you get 25 percent off, so it's a pretty good deal (it's regularly $50). If you do go, a couple of things to note:
-they use "organic gel", not polish, so forget about picking out your go-to OPI or Essie colors. Fortunately the gel colors aren't too bad, and the one I picked actually looks just like Angel Food, Ballet Slippers or similar light pink
-it isn't that quick a process. I sat through the end of Wheel of Fortune, an entire episode of Ugly Betty and half of Grey's before my manicurist determined I was free to go
-the hand massage part of the manicure comes at the end. I love the massage and was a bit disappointed when I thought I wasn't going to get one. So don't despair!

I'll report on my mani status in three weeks.

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