Sunday, May 24, 2009

My ideal Chicago engagement pictures

We did Bike the Drive this morning. I've always wanted to do this annual Chicago ride, but always seemed to be out of town on Memorial Day weekend (or didn't have a bike).

I'm kicking myself that I never thought of it, but I totally would have had our engagement pictures taken during Bike the Drive. I'm told the light at that time of the morning is perfect for photography, and when else are you going to be able to get pictures in the middle of Lake Shore Drive? For me the big downside would be probably not being able to get my hair and makeup done because it's so early (I can't do my own. I just make a mess.), but I bet it'd be worth it.

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  1. That is a cool idea! I bet you could find a makeup/hair artist come to you...I see you've got Sonia Roselli on your sidebar, she did my makeup for our wedding and I LOVE her!!! She's awesome. ;) Maybe you could ask her to help you out?

    Happy planning...
    Jaim ;)