Friday, May 29, 2009

Six degrees

Our guest list is inching toward 200. We're not inviting a lot of extended family, so most of our guests fall into a distinct category: immediate family, work friends, college friends, high school friends and Chicago friends we've picked up along the way. There's not a lot of crossover, since we grew up in different parts of the US and went to different colleges. I've always loved "six degrees of separation", though, and I bet if we put our heads together long enough we'd figure out there are connections between our guests (aside from the connection to us, of course).

I just found this from an amazing Newport Beach, CA wedding:

Jonathan Canlas Photography via Grey Likes Weddings

It made me think of this, which I stumbled on early in my wedding planning and still love:


  1. Love this idea! I've had some similar but different ideas in my head, and these just add to my inspiration. Thank you for posting this!

    Best Wishes!

    Midwestelle @

  2. That is a great idea - it's funny how you find out you know people through people through's a small world we live in, isn't it? ;)