Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The invitations part II: the outside

I fully intended to create a customized stamp to go along with the airplane/Chicago invitation theme. Actually, I got as far as creating the stamp:
Our would-be Zazzle stamp
but in the end we would have lost a few days, and were already behind in getting the invitations out. I'm actually glad now we went with the good old $.61 USPS wedding cake stamps. A6 size envelopes aren't that big, and between the stamp and calligraphy, the envelope would have gotten pretty crowded.

Speaking of calligraphy, I love the way ours turned out:

Rather than sealing up the envelopes up all the way, we stuck a big label on the back. It was easier, plus I thought it would be more likely that people could see the beautiful envelope lining :)

Copycat Alert!
I saw these Pica Press labels on Brooklyn Bride ages ago:

Here is our version, also designed and printed by Pica Press. I had them made waay before we had even decided on colors, which is why they don't really match anything, but I was at the peak of my just-got-engaged-and-must-buy-things-online phase:

Next up: the RSVP


  1. The calligraphy looks great! Such fun invitations.

  2. the calligraphy is absolutely stunning...and i love the sticker (return address) idea too!