Friday, June 5, 2009

Shower weekend

I'm off to a bridal shower this weekend for one of my bridesmaids who's getting married later this month. The shower is being thrown by her little sister (and the bridesmaids, so says the invitation). I haven't heard a peep from the sister, however, despite emails and a phone call offering to help. And I'm a bridesmaid! Sigh. This is but one reason why I am not a shower fan, and politely refused any myself.

On a good note, our invitations are just about to hit the (letter)press. I'm having the envelopes calligraphied? Calligraphy-addressed? Well, whatever. They'll look nice!

Speaking of envelopes, I'm sure I've seen these at Paper Source a million times before, but I guess they're just more relevant now, and I love them:

Happy weekend all!

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