Thursday, March 26, 2009

DI While I still give a care

There's about four and a half months until the big day, and since we've knocked most of the big stuff off the to-do list, I'm feeling a bit weird about having time on my hands.  I have a short list of DIY projects that I want to do, but I'm a little nervous about doing them so far ahead of time because I'm afraid I'll change my mind about what I've done and I'll probably find myself the night before the wedding throwing penny candy into Ziplocs and calling it an OOT bag.

Oh, and there's also the matter of me being not-so-great at crafting.  I could spend hours at Paper Source or online admiring the handiwork of genuinely talented people.  I have good intentions.  I even have equipment!  I bought a Xyron on eBay and I own a bone folder!  

But what usually happens is that I'll start a project, then I'll get distracted by work...or maybe Make Me a Supermodel is on.  Or else I'll get in way over my head, like I did for my sister's wedding a few years ago (Oh what?  You need me to bake, ice, bag and label 250 personalized cookies for your reception?  No problem.).

I guess the card box I just bought isn't going to decorate itself, so I should get on it. Right after 30 Rock.


  1. OMG! I can't believe that you just lumped me with Merriment Design! I could scream! You're the coolest and I love you.

    Do as much as you can now. Seriously. You will love yourself. And, even if you change your mind, you will be too busy and tired to do the new thing. If you have the space to store it, cross it off the list. I missed on some fun memories on the day of our rehearsal because I didn't have my crap done.

    I can't wait to see what you do. Let me know if you need any help. I miss projects.

  2. i agree. take care of it now; you'll be surprised how much you'll appreciate having additional time on your hands in the last few weeks to be filled with minute things. :)